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Understanding the difference between the antichrist and the spirit of the antichrist is crucial. We are either being influenced by the Spirit of God or the spirit of the antichrist.
Kirk Cameron has some tense moments during evangelism with some gang members. This episode talks about how the reason a sinner responds to the gospel determines whether or not he continues in his [...]
For a limited time, you can get copies of this video on DVD for as low as 25 cents each. See​ for details. If it's true that the Bible contains scientific [...]
Madalyn Murray O’Hair made the appointed times list.
We teamed up to make a pretty in depth video about the book 'Physics of Heaven' written by the leaders at Bethel Church in Redding California. It embodies the direction of the church. This book [...]
New Age in the Church?! Yep. It's been going on for quite a while now. In fact, you'd be shocked to know that a lot of Christians believe in many New Age beliefs and don't even know it. I might [...]
The Megachurch world can be a mess. I know I’m going to make a lot of people uncomfortable with what I’m saying in this video, but someone needs to say this. This is not me being nitpicky, being [...]
Sometimes we (sadly) poke the bear to be mean. Sometimes we poke it to provoke. Other times the bear did a no-no and needs to be held accountable. So in this video, I'm daring to address the [...]
This was a good laugh and afterward a real cry. Keep in mind Joel has a megachurch and a lot of followers. I just heard this on 2/22/2021. Earlier this week I placed in Greg Laurie to take Joel's [...]

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Psalms 83:3 They have taken crafty counsel against thy people, and consulted against thy hidden ones.

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k-loveOpens K-Love on iHeart Radio. Surfing has never been so great.iheartOpens Harvest Church Podcast Podcast on iHeart Radio. Hear people I've learned to trust that Love God.krdu-fmOpens KRDU-FM on iHeart Radio. Hear people I trust that Love God.
Bible Training! People I Trust.Best Teachers are Here.Keith GreenI began my walk listening to Keith Green and Harvest this is Keith Green on iHeart.Mercy MeDid you know Mercy is 555?
The Groom is on His way HE asked me to tell you.Make the paths straight the King is Coming.

The image was done by combining two crop circle formations that were done across the street from each other one was in the north the other in the south. It's time to prepare the bride and plan weddings to rehearse by. Do we have time? Well, I have a peace agreement for Israel.

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