Why the New Mass and New Rite of Ordination are Invalid

The individual who placed this together does not understand God’s love for HIS Jewish people and that the Mass is not a Biblical undertaking the restoration of the priesthood comes as a result of Constantine turning the heat down from boiling and killing Christians. It then becomes comfortable and then the enemy turns it back up again in the inquisition to stop the word from spreading as he re-establishes the priesthood.

Protestants who held the word and could have saved others were killed in the inquisitions done by ROME now they are faced with the beast they built.

Jesus ended the very need of the priesthood and made you a priest when you accepted HIM,  those who stand above you wearing garments of a priest are revealing their true nature of being lost.

The priesthood had been using the sun wafer in Egypt to keep people in fear of them and their false god RA.

Rome and their pantheon of gods kept it going it’s like the energizer bunny!