X-Generation The Truth Is Out There..

I was a fan of the X-files but as a Christian, I knew the difference between truth and fantasy.

Lies lead us down dark paths away from light and truth. Those who believe in the alien agenda do not realize how treasured the Son of God is to God.

I am hoping to reveal that to all of you. Jesus would not create other free-will agents until HE corrected the original group of free-will agents.

However, because one group continues the sacrifice over and over it looks as if God would beat HIS Son gazillion times in gazillion galaxies???

Evil men doing wicked things and leading the lost to hell because that’s where many are going themselves.

The truth is here UFO’s are angels surrounding us. They have always been here.

It is the demon jumping in an unbeliever or living in you that makes them appear as saucers.