Pieces of Eight

Eight is a number God treasures for God it references perfection new beginnings.

Noah and his family were eight that were saved before the first destruction.

Eight plays many roles in the scriptures.

888 represents 24 the number of elders that surround the throne of God.

8 split in two with one turning its back on the other at he cross is 33 the age Jesus gave up HIS life for you.

John 8:44 is a different kind of split God had to split heaven and earth and place spirits into bodies like Avatars. 4/4 is perfection a harder way that made it necessary for 33 to have happened.

Eight lying on its side is what we use for infinity it is a number for the new creation after Jesus’s millennial rest of 1000 years.

Pieces of eight refer to treasure and Jesus is the pearl of great Price.

God is selecting HIS eternal family from among us. Some have already gone home.

The final test for man is again FAITH. If another comes in his own name him, you will receive. Let’s save the world for Jesus if you can respect God’s authority?

The angels of God rejected God’s authority in the first rebellion. They turned him against God. Don’t be like them please, pretty please, and we will get  that temple built in time.