Remember the Sabbath day and Keep it HOLY!

God is not going to lose if a handful of smart ministers can get together and figure out what God wants to do.

First, we need to get away from the dissemblers who keep smiting the rock.

Why do you want to be with those who are not getting into the promised land?

Rather be a leader and make them follow you.

The priesthood was destroyed when the final sacrifice was made.

He did that for a reason, and the pyramid is key.

The blind guides are headed to hell, so why would anyone want to follow them?

Another thing that has my mind in a tizzy, the very creature who brought us the pain and suffering by causing man to be created and wars to be fought,  will somehow treat you nicer in hell???

He is looking to have creative power, and the only worlds he does create are delusion and fantasy.

All done to bring souls into pain and torment.

Holding hostages does not move God to bend to the will of evil.

Jesus saves only on this side of the veil to bring us to honor HIS Fathers laws. Free will is not left outside the gates of heaven, so my best advice is to get right with God today, or your tomorrow will be just more pain by God’s enemy.

Looking for Power?  There is power in the blood of the lamb!