Resurrection Plans – Pruning Shears to Gather the Grapes.

Surrounding the Earth is anomalies that appear intelligent.

NASA has captured them because technology has advanced to the point we can see we are not alone.

This is all part of God’s plan. The earth trembled, and the mountains moved, and the fallen angels, not ancient aliens, were trapped by the increase in the gravitational pull.

They could not undo their insult attacking the Son of God built in what we know as  Egypt.

What the devil meant for evil, God meant for good, and man was brought to a place to show us the truth of the battle between them.

God is wise and loving while the other built the symbols that have become representations of the battle…He is rude, arrogant, and a liar who makes slaves of all his followers.

Soon the Earth will shift back, and the angels will snatch us out.

Compare Jeremiah 4:24 and Revelation 6:14.