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My two cents…We live in a fallen world and I categorize this under grace. There but for the grace of God, go I.

When I received my calling and awakening from God in 2009 I was too struggling with sin in my own life and I had become “Born Again” in 1982. I was told by a friend and minister when I was excited about the call not to think of myself better than any other.

I have what I have because I found what I found because I am who I am because HE is who HE is and who are we as Christians to deny the world the truth?

The greatest sin is the omission of truth, for it is the truth of CHRIST that sets men free.

We are not to place our faith in men but in God.  Jesus was necessary because we needed a ROCK to anchor our lives upon. That ROCK never moves and it is best to have fallen on it and be broken rather than have it fall upon us to be crushed and it is coming to destroy this world’s kingdoms and establish HIS own.

Like the pyramids and the effigy of Jesus hidden among them, you can be sure your sin will find you out.

To the devil it is his delight you die in them as he himself did after the fall, he had no recourse as did his followers prior to Jesus. We have Jesus to hide our sins from HIS HOLY FATHER.

Jesus is not a free pass to sin HE is there so that sin does not overtake us.

I cannot say I say it better than those whom I selected as leaders among us to speak on the matter.

I file it under grace and bless those who have taken this on and said what needed to be said.

If you are not saved don’t be discouraged the ROCK is still there and it is going to crush the sinners,  there is still time to escape but that window is closing.

Ravi did not save me, Jesus did,  Ravi helped me to understand the gospel better though he himself did not uphold its standards it is no excuse for the rest of us to fail.

God loves David and his son Solomon who had 700 wives and 300 concubines and God loves Ravi.

Brother Abel (Benjamin)


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