Touching God’s “Anointed”: False Prophecies and the 2020 Election

Sometimes we (sadly) poke the bear to be mean. Sometimes we poke it to provoke. Other times the bear did a no-no and needs to be held accountable. So in this video, I’m daring to address the madness of all the false predictions about the 2020 election. I try to pick and choose my battles, and when I choose to ‘battle’, it needs to be in with the right intention. Paul reflects this in scripture that we need to be at peace with people as much as we can, except when it comes to the gospel and identity of Jesus. That’s worth fighting for. I’m not here to do what’s popular, I want to do what’s right. All this was done in the name of Jesus, and that’s really the heart of me speaking about this. This shames Jesus’ name. That’s worth speaking up about. That being said, I think this definitely needs to be firmly addressed.


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