We Are Going to Escape the Matrix

This one has all the elements of the movie there is only one door that leads out.

God only made one way into heaven.

The floor is a path and the walls ask a question while the ceiling answers it.

We have the major players Zion, the Trinity and an Oracle, and the answer to life.

The music is from the second installment from a Hindu Chant.  Yes, I know its not Christian
the words hold truer for us than they do them, we would like to see Hindus saved as well.

The words translated into English go like this.

Lead me from the unreal to the real.
Lead me from the darkness to light. (working on it)
Lead me from death to immortality. 
(We follow Jesus because HE is raised from the dead and has always been immortal.)
May there be peace everywhere. (Who can’t Amen that?)

I saw the second one with some other Christians and I walked out feeling very uncomfortable over what they were doing in Zion.

God must judge sin, it is what a HOLY God does.


The answer is no because you may be sleeping with another person’s spouse,  you neglect the spiritual and emotional foundations God wanted us to build on so the marriage would stay strong.

Most relationships fail that neglect this spiritual aspect.  Can you trust someone who won’t look after your honor or protect your relationship with God?